Friday, 6 December 2013

I just love him. I love him!!!!

I'm still thinking of the same guy, same guy, the only guy.
He is tall, not so tall. Handsome, but Brad Pitt is still the hottest. But he is adorable. I like him, his apperance, his attitude, the way he talk, the way he smile, the way he looks at me. The way he call my name. God!
 I just still have a long list of super true feeling of him. I hate that song "Someone like you" No, I can't get someone like him. :'(
He is not really that good guy.
He is never have the nicest finest melts words to talk to me. But he is someone that makes me love all what ever he said.
He never bought me any flower, not a teddy bear. But, he did presents me a bag of ripe mango. Something that I really really love to eat. Of course I still want the flower, whoever girls on earth that say no? But, I guess he thinks logic. He want something that is real. Something my favourite. That I won't waste any. Delicious!
He respect his parents. He loves them. He could sacrifice anything for them.
He is sometimes romantic.
He loves to be pampered not controlled.
His smile.
His smells.
His things.
His Jeans.
His watch.
His wallet.

We've been together like 3 years. And could he just be my soul mate? Some one that I can live everyday with, God? Can you please make us together? :'(
But, what I know. He can't never be replaced. Never.
Take care always.

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